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It’s easy to hate your phone when it rings, texts, pop-ups, or reminders on your computer of what you need to do now! If you are the type of person who hates your smartphone a lot, this writing is for you. I, for one, hate my phone more now that I’m here.

Many days, I have more lost sleep than the number of books I have written (that’s a tall order). It can be a challenge if you’re not used to the technology we carry around with us everywhere you go. You’re locked in a world of emails, alerts, texts, notifications, and notifications. So what are we supposed to do? We’re not supposed to use our devices. But then, life happens. We lose our sleep. We have less focus on the subjects that matter to us. You know that it’s problematic, right?

Virtual World

In addition to having the real-world frustrations of being a human, the virtual world adds another layer of technological conflict to your life. You have to think about too many things and take too many actions in your home. To avoid the more annoying, meaningless, and monotonous activities society deems valuable, you prioritize the more productive activities. What you have to deal with is that the less you occupy yourself with those effective, enjoyable activities, the less you have energy, the less your phone and other devices burn fuel, the less your body can act like a machine, and therefore, the lesser the net effect on your life. So what’s the solution? Give up your phone.

Are you ready to do that?

At some point, all of your physical activities fade into the background, and you become a more virtual person. It’s often a result of focusing more energy on what you have done. What you need is time to rest and recharge. If you take good care of yourself, give your phone a long time to deplete itself and come to your senses to focus on what’s valuable to you and what will provide you with a higher amount of energy. You can also take a breather and disconnect from Facebook, YouTube, or even Netflix. And if you feel productive while doing anything productive, you may fall in love with what other people are doing. So you’ll probably find yourself in a giddy mood and no longer feeling burned out.

As often as not, what people do to get what they want becomes their priority. Our priorities can get in the way of good body and mind health. We have so many little things we want to buy, read, get a new shirt. This year, when we bring all that into our lives, what ends up becoming our most lasting result is a poorer life of not enough sleep, enough energy, enough focus, and not enough quality of life.

If you’re a person who struggles with dealing with all of this stress, don’t underestimate the need to do something more productive to get that life balance back, so you can go back to doing those things that matter. Something like learning the Quran will do the trick. Learning the Quran online will give you that in-depth information, so much of which is non-malicious and not terrible.

Learn Quran

What I’ve learned from reading the Quran online has helped me with my life. I feel more at peace, more in control, and less stressed out. I’ve lost 10 pounds. I can journal easily. I find myself getting everything done. I sleep better, exercise more, do a lot of yoga, and take a holistic approach to my life overall. I’m trying to find a tool to help people understand the importance of this material from my own experience and my experiences. I want to make this as easy as possible, and you can do a lot of personal work. But you should, first, sit down and understand why the topic is important to you and what you should do to be successful.

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