Are you wondering what makes an academic achievement? If you are ready to adopt a new academic education system, then hopefully, you have, or have had, a teacher education. Recently, a Nigerian publication has quoted Professor Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa as saying that Islamic subjects and pupils do not learn Islamic subjects in the West, not on Arab soil, in the way that Muslims do.

He even said that Islamic subjects are the only subjects that children in Western countries learned “since the early 19th century”, and he argues that it is because “Islam teaches the continuation of the first study programme, but Islamic schools only make a limited transition.”

This has caused quite a stir in the media because with media already attracting attention to this propaganda, we are wondering “how, and where?” The best and most suitable option that Islamic scholars have recommended accommodating this will be within the front line of education institutions such as the madrasa. This, as a colonial of the end of the Islamic world, will create an opportunity for modern education, although still in accordance with the Islamic religion, to be taught within their Islamic context. This will allow the school to teach Islamic subjects that are not taught by any other school and still makes the most sense considering all the limitations being put on the ulama to teach so many subjects.

Teach Courses

And that Islamic scholars have agreed to teach courses only within the front of the school. This has not only been approved by the institution but by the federal government as well. Most institutions within this organization are not able to teach more than one subject. However, the only function the Muslim system is required to fulfil is to teach Islam. On the contrary, other subjects such as sciences, humanities, or language courses are for the ulama to use on this system. Therefore, at the primary or secondary level of Islamic education, the ulama will not teach any foreign subjects.

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