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Whether you want to learn to read Quran online or excel appropriate punctuation of Arabic, we will cater to all your goals related to Quran learning. We take every measure to ensure excellent online Quran learning results. By utilising high-end technologies and expert teachers, we provide step by step courses to kids and adults who wonder how to read Quran Kareem Online. If you want to acquire the highest levels of learning Quran for children with Tajweed, then Learning Quraan is the ideal option. Through the supervision of an expert online Quran tutor, we fulfil the dream of your Quran learning into a reality.

Learning Quran for Beginners Made Easy With Learning Quraan

Learning Quraan is the ultimate online platform that connects expert Quran teachers and students for learning Quran. By utilising the experts’ teachers and newest technologies, we help to learn Quran for kids in a few taps. Here we believe that the key to success in online Quran studies is interactive and engaging user experience. Our team take every measure to captivate and increase user engagement that leads to a hassle-free learning process for students who assumes how to learn Quran. In today’s modern era, it is essential to encourage students to learn Quran online. With a highly-skilled IT team on board, we set a new-age online Quran learning environment for kids and adults. We design and develop Quran learning process to take your Islamic knowledge to the next level.

Quran Memorization Classes

The memorisation or Hifz is the process to memorise the Quran by heart. Our online Quran classes UK strongly believe that Quran reading and learning requires in-depth understanding. Hence we merge expert teachers and tech tools. Through diverse experience and great efforts, we overcome all challenges of learn Quranic Arabic. With true passion and dedication, our best online Quran classes for kids & adults team provide online Quran Memorization classes to residents of the UK. Head out to our contact us page to fill up your Quran learning requirements. One of our support team members would connect with you as soon as possible.

Quran Translation Classes

Our Quran teacher at home will help to read the Holy Quran with appropriate meanings in UK English and different languages. Here at Learning Quraan, we are specialised in providing online Quran Translation classes across the United Kingdom. Through one to one process, we eliminate all obstacles and speed up Quran Translation process. We’re consistently helping students to learn Quran Translation faster like never before by Affordable Online classes. In a nutshell, we provide unmatched Quran Translation solutions based on advanced technologies. We are well-known and one of the reliable online Quran Translation classes provider in Great Britain. Our online Quran tutor for Kids & Adults attentively teaches every student to overcome all their hurdles of fluent Quran reading. If you want to recite Quran intuitively, then you must join our course. Our Quran teacher at home will help you to learn Quran words by words.


Quran Tafseer

We assist in reading the Holy Quran via in-depth meaning, translation and interpretation. Our Quran Tafseer courses are specifically designed for kids and adults abilities of learning. We designed a special curriculum for beginners from Noorani Qaida to Tajweed and Tafseer. We provide the best solutions to start reading and learning the Quran near me in an easy and quick way. Our online Quran teaching UK teachers give special attention to Tajweed rules from the first day. We help students to pronounce each word of the Quran is the perfect pronunciations. Whether you are a beginner reader or you want to learn advance Tajweed, we provide online Quran teaching UK for Kids & Adults is different languages for your true convenience.

Expert Quran Teachers Online

We offer a vast array of learn Quran for kids solutions to cater to all your needs by combing great expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Our expert teachers assist students to learn Quran online with a massive array of distance courses. Through our exclusive curriculum to learn Quran with Tajweed online, we help you to learn from basic Tajweed to advance Islamic education. Our team follows modern methods of teaching to offer online Islamic teachings. Our best Quran academy online in UK would analyse your requirements to provide you with the ultimate solution that will ultimately scale up your Islamic knowledge. Whether you are a newbie Quran student or you want to enhance your Quran knowledge, we got you covered with the latest trends and technology.

Noorani Qaida Classes

Noorani Qaida includes a set of pronunciation rules of reciting the Holy Quran. Birmingham Quran Academy deploys the right team and technologies to meet the needs of the online class in a precise manner. By developing a user-friendly e-learning environment, we help the students to learn Noorani Qaida with no hassle. When it comes to learning Noorani Qaida, it is crucial to utilise a reliable online platform. Our Learning Quraan Academy experts would take every measure to meet all your needs of Noorani Qaida in the most appropriate manner. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, a great proportion of Noorani Qaida students prefer website and application. We sit together students to fulfil all their requirements of Noorani Qaida.

Quran Tajweed Classes

Tajweed is the appropriate pronunciation utilised while reciting the Quran. Our prime goal is to provide a pleasing yet friendly learn Quran with Tajweed online class with the latest functionalities. We will make an attractive and interactive environment of the Quran Tajweed eLearning to offer you a hassle-free learning experience. The team and technology of learning Quran School play a key part in online Quran Tajweed class success. With a highly experienced team on board, we offer learning Quran for beginners that suit the requirements of e-learning students. If you are looking for a smart roadmap to gain Islamic knowledge, then you are in the right place. Our platform aim is to reduce the gap between female students and female Quran teacher London. We work 24/7 to offer innovative online Quran Tajweed Classes for your maximum satisfaction.

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  • Basic Quran Reading
  • Quran Memorization
  • Salah / Kalmas / Duas

3 Days in a Week

12 classes in month
£ 39 Monthly
  • 30 minutes duration
  • Basic Quran Reading
  • Quran Memorization
  • Salah / Kalmas / Duas

5 Days in a Week

20 classes in month
£ 49 Monthly
  • 30 minutes duration
  • Basic Quran Reading
  • Quran Memorization
  • Salah / Kalmas / Duas

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In large classrooms, children are often too shy to raise their hands, especially struggling. One-on-one tutoring benefits students on an individual basis. It gives all students an equal opportunity to ask teachers about their learning concerns. It is a much more efficient method of teaching the Quran.

Our teachers are chosen for their qualifications and knowledge and their enthusiasm for teaching, Noorani Qaida, Tajweed-ul-Quran, and Quran memorization (Hifz).

Our online Quran session includes cutting-edge features such as an interactive whiteboard and screen sharing. Such modern tools are intended to provide students and teachers with a more immersive and interactive experience.

Online Quran tutoring is cost-effective, time-saving, and provides children with the opportunity to learn the Quran at their own pace and in a manner that suits their learning style.

All of our Quran teachings are digital and available in pdf format. Therefore, you do not need to purchase any textbooks. Instead, the teacher will send the course to all students for free.

Registration at Quran academy for online Quran learning has no age restrictions. Everyone, including children, adults, senior men, and women, can learn the Quran online from us since we provide one-on-one Quran classes to each learner in a pleasant setting.