Learning Quraan Academy provides courses at any time as per your convenience. You can appear to our specially designed online Quran courses from below. Please submit the request, and our team will contact you within 24 hours. You can also contact us via Phone / Email / Skype.

Why choose Learning Qura'an Academy
Why choose Learning Qura'an Academy

Basic Quran Reading

Noorani Qaida course has been established for children who do not have any previous Quran education. Our expert online Quran tutor teaches the Noorani Qaida first to identify composing of words easily. This method enables children to learn to read the Quran in the perfect accent of Arabic.

Quran Courses for Kids

As a Muslim, we must learn the Holy Quran properly and teach the Holy Quran to children. At Learning Quraan Academy, we offer the convenience to learn Quran for kids at home. We offer one to one Quran learning classes, and you can select the time of Quran learning yourself!

Why choose Learning Qura'an Academy
Why choose Learning Qura'an Academy

Quran Memorization

Many Muslim parents wish to make Quran memorize to their children, but due to the absence of expert tutors, they remain deprived of this great opportunity. Therefore, Learning Quraan offering complete service of Quran memorization online under the supervision of skilled teachers.

Learn Urdu

Come and join us to learn the Urdu language in a most relaxed atmosphere. We will teach you speaking and listening to the Urdu Language. We offer regular Urdu classes on weekends for everyone. Whether you want to learn Urdu for fun, family, to impress someone or career, you will find our Urdu classes useful and enjoyable.
Quran Courses for Females

Do you live in a country where it is problematic to reach the Mosque or Islamic centre every day for learning the Holy Quran?
Do you need guidance in learning the Quran with meaning? Are you interested in Quran education? This is the right place to start with Our female sisters can recite with our very capable female tutors.

Why choose Learning Qura'an Academy
Why choose Learning Qura'an Academy

Learn Islamic Concepts

Islam is the most flourishing religion on the earth, and there are over 2 Billion humans worldwide called Muslims. Islam is based on the Submission of the human will to One God “Allah” The only One, The Superior and The Only Creator of This Universe with no partners and all the existence under his Control. In this course, Learning Quraan Academy tutors teach the concept of Islam.